Afghanistan Government Reaches out to Former Warlords to Defend the North


President, Ashraf Ghani landed in Mazar e Sharif in the country's north to rally troops attempting to beat back out Taliban offensive. Ghani has been meeting with local leaders and former warlords during his visit. The BBC's on bar Asan at Ruth and John has more As the Taliban continue their advance. The Afghan president is reaching out to former warlords to defend the not previously a stronghold of anti Taliban militia 40 years, Mr Ghani tried to sideline the warlords in an attempt to boost the Afghan National Army now is turning to them in this hour of need. Earlier this week, he also agreed to armed pro government militia. The loss of Missouri Sharif would be a significant blow for Kabul in yet another blow for the government reports that several soldiers were drawn from Kunduz city to the airport outside have surrendered to the militants following a sustained onslaught.

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