Charlie Kirk Discusses 50 Shades of Communism


We are back with the founder the president of turning point. Usa just back from his student action summit. I asked him a question before we began on discussion. And he said that's an interesting one. I'm gonna to in front of three million people. Charlie cook who are we finding. We've talked about the establishment. Gop that seems to be a war. When it comes to the left the the bind administration kamala bernie blm other communist. Are they socialists. What are they i mean. Communist is a fine term. There's always been two different types of communists though and they've always hated each other. Which are the nationalist communist. And the internationalist communists trotskyites versus the lennon's of the stalin. And i think you're starting to. You're going to see that collision. But i don't think it's as ideological as it used to be. I think that they're deconstructionist's in nature that they wanna see this entire republic fall apart and kind of truth. Be this of course. Yeah i mean once you remove absolute truth in the land of the absurd. They rain exactly what's happening. They don't want to have anything. That's objectively true or right or real and they only believe there's power dynamics as the way to try to adjudicate differences or to try to organize society so i think you have kind of this coalition. Some are more legitimate communist marxism or corporatists. That just want power and relevancy. I would put kind of chuck schumer more in that direction. i think he's just more of a just brass knuckle politician that wants to be in control and power and considering how old is just really kind of sinister and dark to think about that. Then you've got to have the nihilists that just wanna burn everything and really. Yeah the antifa types and then you have the true legit revolutionaries that think they're going to usher in some sort of utopia the alexander kazu cortez's. They're the ones who really got to watch out for the ones that think they're on the right side of history there arguably the most

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