Mallory Millet Saw the Human Side of Marlon Brando


Have so many stories you so you were friends. Good friends with marlon brando Who grew grew to be the size of a house at the end. I mean it's the kind of an amazing thing orson welles. Dan ackroyd There's people that they just blow up beyond reckoning. You keep you try to imagine. Excuse me what what's going on over there. You knew him when he was thin. He was glamorous beautiful beautiful human being. I mean beautiful physically physically and as an actor. Sometimes i always wonder. What's the big deal about certain people and then you see something. When he was in. I guess was julius caesar when he when he does the romans conference room. It's gonna when. I saw that. I thought to myself now i get it. You just thought to myself. I never really had seen whatever that was the sukhois about him. I mean everybody knows. He's a great actor but we were you finally see like oh my goodness there's he's a genius But you saw the human side of him so in the late sixties. He's calling you up. You said during the break that you talked him out of suicide. Marie would call me and she'd be she say i'm up in san francisco right now and It would be midnight or something. I'm up in san francisco right now and marlins home alone and he's going to kill himself and you've got to get over there right now and i'd go murray is midnight is marlin. He's you know please mallory. You've got to go there now. You've got to get in your car and get up there right this minute

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