'This Is the Stuff That Mobs Do': Blowing Hillary's Russia Collusion Conspiracy Wide Open


Bob muller comes onto the scene in the spring of seventeen after president trump fires komi right and paul ryan and too many republicans agreed to put muller on all under this cloud of the multi. What you're trying to tell me is the millions of dollars that hillary clinton pumped through was also maybe used to sweeten some journalists to write stories about this russia. Thing potentially right. I mean this story was so totally artificial. We got bob muller of yeah. I would go one step further. It's not even potentially it happened. Look we took sixty depositions under chairman newness under oath. They're all public now. Adam schiff didn't want him out. Rick grenell allied declassified them two years later and we put him out there online you can read the sussman deposition that i took that cited. In the durham indictment. That says he was talking to members of the media at the behest of client the client being the dnc fusion gps. Doing the same thing taking the same false sturt going to media and saying you guys got to put this story out and then. Here's the kicker hillary clinton and jake sullivan come in and tweet out information. As if they've never heard of it before and say look. President trump has a secret back channel to russia. If you remember this stuff in the fall of sixteen and they were the ones paying for it they pretending to know nothing about it and then they had a willing media. This is the stuff that mobs do literally. I mean this this monkey. It really

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