A highlight from AI Today podcast: AI Education Series: Thinking and Acting Like a Data Scientist


Podcast that we can give you a taste of what it's like for our education the breath of courses and topics and coverage areas that we do cover we have over fifty courses that are available. They are self paced all online. We used to do education in person back in the day years ago. And you know. As ron mentioned we have trained people across many continents and many different time zones. And so you can imagine. It's quite difficult to be in australia. One week and then new zealand the next week and then india and then switzerland and so we needed to To move it online and so now it's also self paced as well one thing that's been incredible about. This is that you can rewatch courses where you couldn't do that if you were attending live in person and also since it is self paced you can pause it. You can rewind you. Can as i mentioned rewatch it. Which is pretty incredible and for courses we do have a certification that's also included in our pricing so for any courses that have certifications included in them. You get that at no extra fee which is really nice and all of these are role pacific professional level education. Because we understand that not every job is the same. So you are. Education should not be as well and we really tailor it towards executive level education people who are in procurement and those who are buying technologies and then those who are implementing technologies as well. Yeah good memories. Admit brought to switzerland. I remember the chocolate. Wow those were the days you're today. We delivered actually alive trading in zurich and we had some extra time. And we're like what. What should we do in susan. Like i know. let's go to a chocolate factory. Oh what a great you've led those like sushi conveyor belts where like you kind of sit there and sushi comes on the conveyor belt. We'll just imagine that but instead of sushi it's chocolate and it's like liberal like no limits and fill up your mouths. Fill up your pockets. Philip everything now of course in this new pandemic world kinda wonder how they're doing it but man they were wrapped. Well i tell you what on cats listeners. Maybe we'll take you with us when we're doing in person and kinda give behind the scenes there so one of the things we're going to share with you on. Today's podcast is really one of the soft skills of data. Science people talk about data science all the time and they think about the hard skills math statistics probability programming. You know python are sas whatever they think of of the needs to understand regression and that is incredibly important. If you can't do that it'll be very hard to be a functional data scientist but of course the other part of being a functional data scientist is knowing how to answer questions and knowing how to communicate results and knowing how to show somebody who may not be in probably isn't a data scientist. How are you gonna show your analysis because analysis is not something a computer does analysis is something a person does you know. We are the ones who are deriving meaning from all this. We're using machines to find the patterns but like what are these patterns mean. Well it's up to us to understand over. The business is not doing well. Businesses doing great. The customers like this. The customers don't like that you know people are having trouble with this. People are asking these questions. We want these machines to automatically do these recognition things to help us with safety or with with cybersecurity right we put the my meaning and the and the and the necessity behind data to actually give it valley right and so the soft skills turn out to be very very important And one of the

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