Texas, OU Not Renewing Big 12 Media Rights


Today. The Oklahoma Sooners in Texas Longhorns. Appear to take the first step and leaving the big 12. Amid rumors of the school's shocking departure from the conference, the universities released a joint statement today announcing that they would not Be renewing their media rights grants following the expiration in 2025. What do you think all this means? You know, I've been just diving deep into this. Given that Baylor. Where I went to school is I have a feeling going to be left out in the cold. And all I can get to is that I'm more frustrated with Baylor for not being more proactive. Or maybe they just past 10 years. I understand that. But if you know that you're dependent upon somebody else, Yeah, you need to start changing that right? Like if your job is dependent on somebody else to success. You should try to change that. But how do you? How do you

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