Why Is Larry Elder Running for Governor of California?


Larry elder. Jd why are you doing this. Well it was a combination. I would say twenty percents a woman. You probably don't know name. Jimmy san who came out of nowhere. She's a political activist. Here in california had all sorts of papers documents. Researches kept me contacting me ignoring her she said just have just have dinner with me so i did and she laid out the formula for why she thought i could win a statewide election. If i at this recall election. I thought she was nuts. Then dennis prager came to me. Too twenty percent dennis prager. He asked me to run. And i said hell no twenty percent. A guy named pastor jackets who has the calvary church. In costa mesa. In orange county i twenty percent a man named lionel. Chet wins a longtime filmmaker and friend of mine and they were at eighty percent now and then the rest were barbers laundry. People of the guy that drives me every now and then the one that i just make up for me. I just ask them. You think run people are asking me to do. And i kept waiting waiting for somebody to say. Are you insane. You have a great life. You're making some decent money. Why do you want to subject yourself to this. Want to put your personal life to exposure. Why do you want people to twister by all around and treat you like everything. But a child of god and finally. I got to the point where i said to myself if not you who if not. Now when i'm a native californian i've been talking about these issues about crime about homelessness about the outrageous cost of living about the fact that for the first time in our state's history. Young people are leaving the state places by tennessee and florida and texas. The primary reason is cannot buy a house and then you add to that the arrogant way. This man shut down this date in the most way than any of the other fifty governors or having his own kids enjoying a in school private education while exempting himself from his own distance from the mandate and this famous french restaurant is become a metaphor four-fifths arrogance because naturally was he violating the mass mandates and the social distancing mandates there. He was with the mary professionals. Who drafted up and so people which just live it. That's why two point two californians signed petitions to have this man recalled about a quarter of those who signed the petition are democrats and independents. Who just two years earlier voted for him.

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