A highlight from Biden Outlines Agenda To Boost the Middle Class 2021-09-17

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This is the takeaway and i'm melissa harry. It's politics time. And i am noting all the way out because congress is back and that means c. span is on poppet on wednesday. The house ways and means committee met for seven and a half hours to mark up the fiscal twenty. Twenty two reconciliation. Bill okay this is trying to balance your checkbook with forty one of your cousins forty one of your very talkative cousins forty one of your very talkative cousins with strongly held utterly opposing perspectives or as arizona republican. David tiger put it one of those moments. You come to quite a realization as we listen to each other on the left and the right. We live in parallel universes. That never actually seemed to come close to touching each other. Okay sure i mean. The parties disagree but these lengthy somewhat unwieldy legislative sessions are comforting. I mean this is the grinding messy work of democracy and unlike post debate spin rome talking points. These congressional conversations reveal meaningful analytic difference between the members. Here's glenmore democrat from wisconsin. It is puzzling to me that we don't get it that we don't understand that investments in people is where we increase our economic output. Here's drew ferguson. A republican from georgia. I think the majority is missing the boat on. What on what this is about. This is about jobs we good stuff. I mean. The democratically elected leaders of the world's largest economy debating the core tenants of what contributes to economic growth and zhang. Beth the popcorn because it got even better on thursday when president biden weighed in with his own understanding of how we build back better back in a thursday afternoon speech he outlined the plan to raise taxes on the highest income earners in an effort to strengthen the middle class and boost the economy. This is our moment to deal working people back into the economy. This is our moment to prove. The american people at the government works for them not just for big corporations those the very top and with a one trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure. Plan that the senate passed last month and at three point five. Trillion dollar spending package moving out of committee. Democrats just might have the chance to implement their vision for american prosperity growth and equity. I mean that is they can meet the government funding deadline and win the looming debt ceiling. Battle all right. Let's see if we can generate a little c-span level on this little radio program with dave weigel who is a national reporter covering politics for the washington post. David thanks for joining us. It's going to be here. Thank you brendan. Buck is a republican. Strategist at seven letter. And a former aide. Republicans speakers of the house. John boehner and paul ryan brendan welcome back to the show. Great to be with you. And my king politics reporter at politico my. It's always great to have you here. I'm melissa thanks for having me. So let's start with you. Maya and with president biden's speech on what he calls the middle class. What exactly is his plan here. So this is largely seen as almost an extension of his pandemic response essentially saying that his effort to get cove. It under control is nearing its end. And now he's aiming to fix the economy which was better off now than it was the start of his presidency but still is still faces. Some challenges in the administration does in making sure that it's communicating. That understands that. And so essentially what he's aiming to do is expand the social safety net And pay for that by increasing taxes on the rich those who are making over four hundred thousand dollars a year and also decrease those taxes on those making less than that. It's part of a larger part of this administration's economic agenda that they've kind of outlined from the first day of taking office and also really a part of this larger effort to ensure equity Across the economy and several different agencies. I guess the biggest question here is whether or not he'll actually be able to pass this. Not just even republican pushback but also A fair amount of fighting within members of his party on the hill and making sure that all aspects Of this bill and and really what do are included brendan. I wanna come to you on this because that. That sort of wrangling within the democratic party is certainly one of the things that was revealed in the context of you know these many hours long c-span conversations but there was also you know these clear differences between democrats and republicans in understanding what stokes the economy. What creates jobs what creates prosperity can't talk a little bit about Sort of our. i guess. Fifty year experiment with lowering taxes as a way to increase economic growth. Sure and i think that's ultimately what it comes down to. The republican vision is lower taxes. Less regulation less government involvement and allowing the market to flourish and democrats. Have a very different view. Obviously and i don't think it's that the tax increases they think are necessarily what's going to generate economic growth. It's the spending that those tax increases are funding right. They they want to dramatically expand the role of government all kinds of places education. It this is one of those things where it's not just a it is a kobe response. But it's also reimagining what the federal government should do and they think that is really where you're going to be able to Both help the economy but also help their political situation. I think one of the big challenges politically at least for for democrats right now is as you laid out. The committees have already passed out all of their pieces of this reconciliation package. All we're really talking about is the tax increases. I don't think that's the debate. The democrats are hoping to have now. I know they believe that taxing. The rich is a winning message. But you don't get to make that argument in a vacuum either. Republicans are going to talk about. How raising the top rate on individuals is actually the rate that small businesses pay. And you're going to cost jobs and you're going to hurt small businesses by doing that. So there's a lot of counterarguments you can make. And i don't think raising taxes is necessarily what democrats are hoping will come out of the takeaway of of what this whole experiment was about dave. I'm wondering about brennan's point there that if you look at the headlines in the next sort of hours after the president spoke i mean this idea of tax and spend right. We're going to raise taxes on one group. We're going to pass big-spending packages i mean. That's a again. It's sort of a thirty year. Old moniker for the democratic party and it showed right back up again it is and it is what they ran on in twenty twenty and that's a lot of attention in the party right now is between the left which has been fairly. Go along the the to get along. You have statements from members of congress like alexandria cortez criticizing the smaller scale of the bills. But not in opposition to the bills themselves even with the infrastructure amp. Sure we'll get into this The argument is basically over. Bundling the two together versus. Pass passing them separately. It's not it's just an left you have instead A couple of democrats from pretty safe seats who were More moderate that are putting up resistance to pieces of the bill. You don't but all this and the left has been pointing out is stuff that ran on. He did he. Did run on ra ra raising these tax rates. Twenty eighteen democrats captured a house despite The tax cuts that were passed because they were not that popular. So this is the democrats. Do have this this sort of loop. They're stuck in take the presidency and congress They raise taxes didn't nineteen ninety-three and the downstream effects that are predicted aren't aren't often that bad until nineteen ninety-three the republican message on the clinton tax increases was it was going to kill the economic recovery. Which just didn't happen But they aren't. There are very easy to to attack and you have within the party. Some moderates

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