A highlight from Crisis Core and More: The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII


Borrow busy seven remake coverage may be over put his it really at the very least final fantasy seven coverage continues with relevance to final fantasy seven remake because we are talking about the wider world of final fantasy seven. That's right it's compilation of final fantasy. Seven times talking about crisis core bore crisis surge of cerberus. All of these ancillary final fantasy. Seven things that have happened in the final fantasy. Seven universe that i've never really paid any attention to but now have to pay attention to because we said we'd do a podcast bat. And gosh here we are. I'm joshua brooklyn said. Help me as ed. Where in the world of final fantasy seven are we. It's a great question. It is a terrific questions. Ed because where we are right now is like mid to early to mid to thousands. Where we we're like in this realm of two thousand four two thousand eight as got a four year window of history in the early arts. As the final fantasy seven franchise became the final fantasy seven franchise not just a world renowned classic j. rpg's ed much like the marvel. Cinematic universe everything is connected man when it comes to f seven thanks to the projects that surrounded the game in the mid two thousands. How hyped are you to get into our capitalist empire on the backs of this gave. yes yes now dead. The whole premise of doing these final fantasy podcasts. In the first place is that you you had had experienced f nine once upon a time but like other than that like new to it a very open to trying it and then became like found. Fancy seven superfan played final fantasy seven twice. Beat emerald weapon beat rubi weapon. Played fancy seven remake hard mode love this world huge fan of the world. How excited are you by the prospect that there is like more beyond these core games. Not at all. We're like a little excited. Not not too much. Given what i've heard about them given what i've read and given the nearly ten hour playthrough church of servers tonight watched in preparation Both zenon. I have done some research into the stuff that we're going to talk about today. We have not played the games in question so that is a huge red hot asterisk to point to well. Look that's what it is. It's glowing big. It's a it's what it is. I didn't say anything untoward. I don't know why you're turning this into what we're doing. It's an asterisk and it. Yeah dirge vast risk is that like. We haven't played any of this stuff. I once upon a time watched the dirge of cerberus walk through. That zet has watched I watched a crisis core story playthrough so it was basically like a four hour movie almost so i feel like i have a decent grasp on crisis core. I've never played before crisis. And i did not watch any for crisis footage but these are not games that i've played. I think i played. Maybe like twenty minutes of crisis core on emulator. Once in got distracted and stopped playing. That is about the extent of my experience playing any of the compilation games. So what we're talking about.

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