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Roulette It's a story that captivated the nation. Two brothers and their sister are on the run from authorities tonight. Three close-knit siblings known as the dougherty. Gang gonna fifteen state crime spree of aiding police for eight days. Police say the trio have a stockpile of weapons and at least one of them has made it clear. He's not afraid to dot. They're like potter. They applied listen to the doctor. Gang on september twentieth. On the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. All right here we go. Juniors here with sportstalk got junior pippen. Hey everybody what's up pimping back in the building. Something ladies hey dig. Sodas way we going to do child pinup in his picking going game. St be picking 'cause he owned the radio in your area then amen. Let's go junior all right doing the patriots versus new york new england. No doubt denver jacksonville jacksonville. Well we is on radio buffalo lambing. I'll man buffalo evening lou tune. The row team buffalo is san francisco philly. I'll man jalen hers. Lingus on cue was more nearly lost. Edit ram indianapolis colts. I'm ahead to go with the rams now. Vegas rate is. Pittsburgh's advocate for pittsburgh is fifth and that s chicago. Oh come on chicago. Put that boy. In from ohio. State around and it down day on gay new orleans saints carolina panthers jameson winston. Oh five maybe new all is on. The rain. is minnesota vikings at the arizona cardinals as on a condom. Baby come on mirror. I should've picked him last week. Trying to give tennessee. Some love atlanta falcons at tampa. Bay buccaneers stop. This come out. Let's go keeping moving in this game. Go need a bath afternoon. Seattle seahawks russell worlds. That is cowboy. La chart you know what man come on campbell. How good land week man. I'm gonna pick on okay. Are kansas city kansas city. Chase at baltimore right. Nice run detroit. On monday night at green bay yes. That's going to be tricky. Because i love the choi man. There's so many air largest single tuna roll man. I don't know what's happening with them. Going green bay gotta go green bay man all right and last but not least on sunday not houston. Texan cleveland browse. he game. We tyrod taylor played out his booty. But i got news for you. We have been in. Cleveland want y'all y'all routines and if you don't win the game sunday take money out all right. Thank you thank you coming up at the top of the hour kempin. Janson brown's comedy

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