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Would we have leadership that would have the intestinal fortitude to make those decisions. Today you take a look in the Infamous in hindsight. Vote against going after bin Laden that day, none other than then Vice President Joe Biden and and lead to Robert Gates in his memoir, You know, saying that Joe Biden's been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy National security decision for the past 40 years. We take a look at that level of decision making today Do you think that it's fair to draw critical lines between his lack of willingness? That particular day and some of that? We see playing out. Yeah, I do. But in fact, a story that is revealed for the first time in the book, so Gates was not shy about saying bad things even when Biden was vice president in the Obama administration. And he had said this on his colleagues. This guy's been wrong about every major foreign policy decision. So when they have the key meeting on April, 28th and Obama goes around the table, what do you think? And Biden says no. And Gates says now No. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs says Yes. Go on the way back to the Pentagon. Uh, Mullen turns to Gates and says, Hey, I thought you said that Biden had been wrong about every major decision in 40 years. You just voted alongside him not to go so This was kind of a and an open secret and something of a joke inside the administration, and you know what it is, It is what it is. The fact is that Biden Gates with the two people who said Don't Launched the right everybody else. Hillary Clinton Leon Panetta, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the national security adviser, and obviously in the end, the president all said it's worth taking the chance. Legendary journalist

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