Jen Psaki, Jesse Smith And Governor Ron De Santis discussed on Brian Kilmeade


Now, and things are concerned about for good reason. So he'll give some update on the progress we've made, but he also really wants to lay out and build on what we've done and lay out the path ahead. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says the president will outline several steps aimed at boosting vaccinations and stopping the spread of the delta variant. He's due to speak at five o'clock this afternoon. Whenever he takes the podium will go there live. Mindy weakened overnight to a tropical depression after making landfall along the Panhandle, National Weather Service meteorologist Jesse Smith as it moves across the northern half of the state. We could see some increasing rain chances here locally, probably north of Orlando, but we do have pretty high rain chances pretty much area wide. Officially, we have a 50% chance of rain right now that precipitation is moving its way through center. Florida Governor Ron De Santis loses a major legal battle over his executive order protecting a parent's right to opt their Children out of wearing a face mask at school. After several heated discussions, emergency meetings in lawsuits on the governor's order to ban mask mandates and schools Leon County Judge's ruling states his executive order was unconstitutional and a violation of Florida's parents Bill of Rights. The case is now headed to the appellate court. Madison Roberts Wdbo 173 FM and AM 5 80. Thank you, Madison. It's 11 32. Get ready for an unprecedented diamond buying opportunity at International Diamond Center. Three days only September 17th 18th

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