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One new york times bestseller zero to one with peter. Theo is an excellent book. It is sold more than three million copies lake. Thanks much during the program really appreciate it. Ben it's great to be here. They let let's talk about why you are bothering to run for senate Seems like a really crappy. Job will be honest with you. I've been asked about running for office before and it seems pretty miserable being in the senate dealing with other senators all day and then having to go around and fundraise and to all the things that being a senator requires what drove you to run for public office here right now. I'm sure there are miserable. Parts but Hopefully there's some good parts to mainly. I feel like. I just have to do it because i feel like we're losing the country you know My kids in some sense will be fine. Because i've had a successful business career but they're on track to grow up in a country that works much less well than the country. I grew up in just a few years ago in the late. Eighties and nineties So i think everything is coming apart at the seams and It it feels. I look around in arizona. I think i'm the only person that can unseat democrat. Mark kelly and You know. I'm not sure how much one person can do. But i i intend to find out because if not i've we don't right this ship feel like america's gone on this kerr trajectory and just a few years so blink. Let's talk about your opponent mark kelly. And and what is the state of play in arizona right now so it seems as though arizona has been moving steadily from red to blue. It's now firmly in the purple camp. An a republican governor republicans state legislature. But you have to democratic senators. How much of. That is a simple result of the paucity of good republican candidates. And how much of that reflects sort of underlying changes in the state of arizona. You know. I think it's both but i don't think arizona's blue in fact i know it's not and i think it's it's it's too much to even say it's per playing or it's inevitable or something like this Arizona's about one third democrat one third republican one third independent no affiliation and I think republicans still have a little advantage but it's basically one third one third one third now those independence. They want to break right. I think temperamentally conservative to the extent their ideological. They're conservative but it's also arizona. It's a little bit of a libertarian. State a little bit of individualistic state. You know we have that wild west. Barry goldwater heritage and so they're looking to connect with a candidate personally You know there's fifty thousand people. I think who voted for for governor. Doug ducey but then also for kirstin cinema in twenty eighteen and that that group of people mostly maricopa county mostly registered independence. That's who's going to decide the election. But here's the thing we're right on the issues they want were wall they just wanted articulated in sort of a right way They want voter. Id you know they know it's not racist to have already. They don't want to de-fund the police want more police in their communities in mesa and chandler and gilbert so i think we won the right candidate with the right messenger arizona can still win republican Republicans into office. So one of the things that's been happening in arizona. Is that the two democratic senators. They make noises. As though they are in the middle of kristen cinemas actually shown it more than than mark kelly has. She's actually cross lines a little bit. Kelly seems to be voting. Almost directly down the democratic party line as opposed to cinema who's seen moore's as sort of almost john mccain maverick from from the democratic party So many can talk a little bit about kelly's record in the senate. Yeah and i do that by distinguishing it from cinemas right. No one thought. Kelly was a right winger. No one thought he was going to. You know vote like tom. Cotner or senator holly or something like this but pearson cinema promised to be independent. She promised to buck party. Leadership as appropriate. And i look. She's not a political ally. I don't trust her long-term but she's doing that. Like thank goodness. She's holding onto the filibuster. Right hurry mention. Kelly made much of the same noises in all. Roll up my sleeves. And be independent for arizona's meanwhile he's voting with chuck schumer in lockstep like ninety eight percent of the time voting against finishing the border wall voting for mass amnesty voting for the crazy Spending and infrastructure packages. These democrats put together. And so i think democrats are really good at this right running moderate candidates who don't appear to be far left but who are in fact far left that fits mark kelly to a t. And i think by pointing out the contrast between him and cureton cinema. That's one way to show people. This is not the guy you thought you were voting for so you know blankets interesting. When i talked to people from arizona. They seem a lot of kind of higher ups in the arizona republican party. They seem very concerned with the voter audits. And with two thousand twenty and all of that and it seems to me that that whatever you think happened in two thousand twenty. And i've been pretty open that i think that trump lost the election and that there are many reasons why he lost the election. But whatever you think of that. I don't see why behooves the arizona republican party spend sort of time and effort. They have on on re-litigating twenty twenty when it seems perfectly obvious that the future battle is twenty twenty two twenty twenty four and beyond what. Where do you think the status is of sort of the the state republican party at this point and do they need to start looking forward as opposed to looking backward. I think you got to do both And i don't think that's a cop out. I do think you have to look forward and win. Twenty twenty two. And you don't do that. Just by you know airing sour grapes about twenty twenty. That said you know I don't know what happened right. I look forward to reading the audit report. I think the vote margin between trump and biden as certified was like ten thousand five hundred just a few less And we know dem's ballot harvest in arizona right. We know they do all these things. Were on the margin. You can find boats so even if you don't believe in the wo- wilder dominion switched votes stuff I still think it behooves us to go and look and see. Is this count accurate. How do we know If only so that people can see right president trump's at this himself like let's run the audit. Let's see if i lost. I lost but let's see right in. Feels like there's an awful lot of gas lighting blue check journals in arizona. Wanna tell this base. No this is the most perfect collection of all time right. What are you talking about if you have any complaints at all. Shut up and go home. Meanwhile nancy pelosi as late as nineteen was saying. The president trump was not a legitimately elected president because of russian hacking russian interference. Right so i think Let's see what the audit says. Absolutely though we got to tighten up election laws going forward. We gotta look to twenty twenty two going forward. It's twenty twenty two and twenty twenty four and i do think we need forward-looking substantive agendas because if we win those elections. We saw a chance. I think we can put america back together and have a prosperous american future if we lose twenty twenty two and twenty twenty four. I think it's all over. I don't think it's been too dramatic to say it's all over. The dem's will add seats to the supreme court. They will add states to the union. They will federalize elections. And then whatever you think happened in twenty twenty as soon as hr one s one as soon as they get something like that passed. No republicans ever gonna win again in arizona or anywhere else all. We'll get to more lake masters in just one second. I a reminder. When i'm on the road and i wanna make sure the my house is doing. Well everything's good at home. I have to use my ring alarm security system and you should do. It's great when we moved from california to florida. First thing my wife said get that ring stuff on the house we did and it's really easy to put it on the house yourself you. You're actually have to call an expert to make it happen for you. I'm really a lot more at

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