The South Florida Morning Show HR 2 9-16-21 - burst 10


Like like every other friday. Well may not be your monday. We'll see later. Send us a postcard all right. In the meantime we Very nice log. Karen talked about this before at length in rapid fire but we had a very nice launch. Like that i think that's the new runway launch grew. Is i mean the launch command center is involved with countdown. I like that. Yeah they're great the four civilians having a grand old time. They'll be doing a medical experiments. I don't know if they're taking blood out of themselves or checking temperatures or body weight or whatever they're doing for the next three days i it may get extended to a fourth gay because of weather in florida. So they're all set to stay up Fourth day but it. It's amazing is you know i. It drove me crazy. 'cause yesterday we talked about. They know they're going around the earth and thick. How long i had to go. Look it up. It's ninety minutes every ninety minutes. They circled the globe.

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