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Number six deuteronomy fourth quarter two thousand twenty. One john pauleen welcome. Ladies and gentlemen we are doing less than six. For what nation is there. So great in deuteronomy dr john. Pauline is our moderator. Larry will offer our opening for dear gracious lowered. We thank you so very much for the sabbath for a time to relax. Refresh in renew. Thank you for the promised that you have given us that we're going to study today about what makes us so great in having your presence in our lives truly alive in daily. Be with each one of us today. May john give us encouragement in wisdom and a fresh new love for you is our prayer. I this is the sixth a series on deuteronomy. So i invite you to go to the handout for number six and we're going to start with number two in that handout that just want to observe what's written there where it says. The first three chapters of deuteronomy are basically a history lesson. Reminding the people of the whole forty year exodus experienced. They or at least their parents had been through in chapter four of deuteronomy. Now the history lesson shifts to more of a sermon style. So the author of deuteronomy is going from a recital of history and now shifting to a sermon based upon that history and as we have an interest in this class in the idea of cosmic conflict. A question. i'd like you to consider is. What role do you think history plays in the cosmic conflict and scully group. That i'm involved with. There's people studying the book of revelation highlighting the cosmic conflict and downplaying a little bit the idea of the importance of prophecy in history in combination. I've suggested instead that the two are actually quite interrelated. So the question. I have for you is. What role do you think history plays in the cosmic conflict if it does all right david isn't the history provides us with the evidence of the character godden. How he responded to many in various situations throughout history. It shows how he dealt with us every time we as human beings got off track and how he attempted to get us back on track and that demonstration shows the whole universe. The character of god. Right and through prophecy. Sometimes even in advance got anticipates how you'll respond to future

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