Becoming Technology Forward and Data Reliant in Marketing with Roku's Sweta Patel


How do you think about driving. Growth within marketing. And what do you feel like has changed over the years And the businesses that you've worked in can i. It's a really really complicated place to be right now to be a marketa it not only. Do you need the traditional side of marketing. But you really need to be technology forward and data the line. I think i think of them in three buckets like the way i look at these. Three levers are just kind of poke into a minute. And i looked at them in every job that i've had but it's just gotten much worse. Not only is is in enough growth to be had but you'll losing resource is having to just become more and more efficient and those three things i tend to focus on. Everything is moving so foster and humans can't keep up with it. I mean you need to be able to mock it and deliver personalized experiences at i. Cool at the speed over tick-tock swipe if you get to the consumer that quickly especially five years from now the relevance of you being around is just is just going to get northern and then with talking about like things like ticked off. The media. Landscape is so fragmented right. Keep her on instagram. In their own take talkin will watching. Tv they're watching multiple devices. And so you warm often channels than we've ever had before people are all over the place and they need to get to them quick us. So that's a challenge at roku the way we're trying to handle these things is we've really started to invest into a crm. And so all go. But before i got here we have channels. You know what they call multichannel marketing. We did that. Everyone's trying to do that and everyone's trying to do on me channel marketing but the way we're focusing about is really trying to now and get the power about platform out and one of my roles here at here. At roku is becoming hyper focused on really building tools automations so that the marches can actually be feeding the systems and and making the systems v. The brains of what we do is all this manual curation and execution that needs to happen.

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