A highlight from S3 E222: Mindspeak --- Global Mail Bag


Thank you for joining us at mind. Speak go show that delves into global issues with a local perspective. This is a voice not an echo. If you can't speak your mind you can't be human cokes and welcome back to mind speak. This is your host mark antony rossi and episode two hundred and twenty two global mailbag special. So this going to be a i email a special on folks who are responding to the new mind speak Show that we put together that. Dan mostly tackles A global affairs a global arts. So we'll be doing various locales and maybe sometimes various issues that to happen on a more global basis we got a lot of email and of some of the new people that joined us on nine speak. Kazan always the same audience as those from our strength to be human The what we normally do here is to my best of my ability. I try to match the email to the various show this way. Kinda put him in in in groups little easier that way for listeners to follow but also we have the paraphrase things sometimes because Oftentimes we have people who write us. Weighing is not going to be their first language. You know in other cases I just because the length could be could be pretty long. We've got a couple here. That are pretty long actually then a couple of short so and some had to short because they were just too long right so. Forgive me for doing that if you won the people that are that they wrote in. I'm not trying to be difficult to disrespectful. But i gotta show got to try to manage it right. And we've got a lot more email than we normally get for the for the literary show and i get a lot for that but i usually let that build up over a couple months this this lily a couple of weeks. I got a whole lot of this mail. So wherever it's being redundant put together the email meal this maybe just sort of read off the best one that sort of like captures that thought his you can get sometimes four and five or six emails sometimes and all count along the same line and there's no there's no point v neck because again i gets old fast especially when you listen sake. Days is here that so i try to make sure that we edited. That down came the head of the on the literary journal earlier. Chart will have to be on this thing. To as part of the Production duties so to speak. Okay all right so get right into it We did all of the mind speak episodes with email. With the exception of dune. Ob still getting those in and we probably going to have likely another dune episode. That i'm going to be putting together at once. The release of the movies out. And it'll go over that it'll go out with some of the reviews and into some of the things in general including some mail so it'll be a combination episode and i'm saving the mail for that. Okay so that's why allies everything else. I'm reading off to you right now. All right let's go on to the first one over here. The very first show was leaving afghanistan. Which as you can imagine since it turned out to be an incredible disaster. I couldn't have predicted it. So i think the people who spoke about the show also mentioned that as well and we'll off with the to say It's incredibly disappointing. Because i really thought that even this president would have gotten correct but Apparently he's not capable of doing that. All right you were right on nearly every point but you gave too much. Credit to a senile. Puppet of whatever is actually running america. The land of the free is in trouble. Call us when you

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