Lindsey Graham on Gen. Milley's Phone Call to China: 'Let's Get the Evidence'


Yesterday i believed that general milley will resign. A maybe. you're right. Maybe he had known anywhere because now they're giving all kinds of cover and he's getting cover from some peculiar corners like republicans who one would think kind of no better. Senator lindsey graham. He's a hawk of there. Ever was one. He respects the military. A lot of people criticize senator. Lindsey graham of south carolina because he wants to allegedly fight endless wars. He's the one who said a week or two ago. We're going to go back to afghanistan. So surely senator graham is condemning general milley's allegedly treasonous behaviour. Right we'll check this out. Here's lindsey last night with lawrence jones on fox news channel. Well number one I don't wanna try General milley or anybody else in the media You know. Mike was a green beret. Here's a warrior out there. Killing the bad guys. I spent thirty three years as a judge. Advocate in the air force is military judge defense counsel and prosecutor. So before we court martial somebody. Let's get the evidence. Would i want to hear. I want to hear from milly. I'm tired of talking about what the book says. Milley said. I want to see the transcript and i wanna hear from millie and i will say this has been a military lawyer for thirty three years if the book is accurate in the conversation did occur as described in the book General milley undercut civilian control. I just wanna. I just wanna stay with you for second. Because i hear what you're saying and everyone is innocent until proven otherwise but we already know interim. Dod to acting secretary of defense that he did not approve the second phone call now know the generals like doing what they wanna do but we have a system in america. It wasn't approved so she resides based on that would dan. We don't know what the phone call was about. Dan nail doesn't matter where they approved it. No i mean. Generals talked to generals all the time about the state of military exercises. I don't buy that at all. The content does matter. Dam was right if the content was that. We've gotta shaky president. I promise you we're not gonna attack. But if he does something crazy. I'll give you a heads up. That's completely unacceptable. I mean that. That is ailing lame. L- lame answer and lawrence. John's to his credit man. He is right in lindsey graham's

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