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Of join an jeff through gilligan. Tov for the strange. The boozers the unexpected as the bid and wash asleep. You're inside the box oddities. So i thought we'd start this installment with another segment of weird shit. Cat says right. Before the mike's go on we come become in. We're just kind of fussing about getting ready to record. I'm almost ready to hit the record button and cat blurts out you know. Ferrets are great pets for people who would love to have ferrets for a pet. And i think that's hard to argue with. I mean it's accurate. But i think i said ferrets make great pets for people who really want to have a ferret. Oh okay just. i'm paraphrasing. Were clear. I don't want to put words in your mouth. I know that it sounds silly but ferrets are a lot of work and you just have to really want to have a ferret and do that work in order to have a ferret and be a good pet owner you know. I don't need to explain myself to you. Welcome to ferret talk free buddy. All right enough about ferrets would do you have to talk about well. Have you seen those pictures of the elongated skulls. Yeah they they're archaeological discoveries of elongated skulls that come from all over the world it's known as artificial cranial de formation. It's a form of body modification head flattening or head binding. They call it It's when the skull of a human being is deformed intentionally right and sometimes they do that using rope or they do it using baby boards. Yeah they call it cradle head boarding do that. According to wikipedia when they use the cradle boarding technique the head comes out kind of flat. Then there are more oblong egg shaped heads and those are done with cloth binding and then there are cone shaped ones and those are the ones that are considered to be the chosen one or the valued members of society. That's what they believe. Is that if the cone shape head is sticking on of your neck that you're vip. Okay so. Dan ackroyd just like dan. Ackroyd the practice of artificially elongating. The skull has been done in a surprisingly high number of cultures. Just about every corner of the world from the far east. They found them in africa in the americas western europe. Even the question is why. Would ancient people take a precious little new baby and wanna change its head to look like a penis. Experts suggest that it was a way to distinguish royalty or upper class citizens from the masses. I guess that's one way to do it. Not just like you're the only ones that can wear purple but now your heads misshapen. Yeah they could have just given him a wristband like they're on a cruise ship. You get into the vip area. Just make sure you have your wristband on a recent study. Using carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of the bones has shown that in most of the samples of elongated or distended heads. These people eight more varied diet which suggests that they were from a more privileged class. That makes sense. They also show fewer signs of physical violence that of course suggests that they also were vip sons and daughters of the well to do but in some of the skulls that don't date back quite as far as these ones. that's not necessarily. The case appears that even lower class people later on started elongating. The skull sure it was the lower classes way of Trying to fit in they wanted to emulate people have higher society but who are the members of higher society trying to emulate. Oh i see where this is going at the same time. It's been considered possible that the practice of cranial de formation originated from an attempt to emulate those groups are or population in which elongated shape was a natural condition the skulls of some ancient egyptians or among those identified as being along gated naturally. And they've discovered that there was a lot of inbreeding and testing the remains of some of the royal family members from egypt all had macro really which can cause that distinction. In other words the royal family suffered from microcephaly and the commoners wanted to emulate those people. Well that makes sense you know. In in every culture the lower class people always try to get in on the vibe of the cone head. Vip's right during elizabethan times. We've talked about this queen. Elizabeth loved her sugar and because she could afford lots of sugar. Her teeth rotted outright. And so people would artificially black their teeth out. So they'd look like the queen hot so hot. Throughout the years the skulls have been proven to be of human origin. There have been some recent discoveries though that suggests there might be a little bit more to the story. The remains of people with long gated skulls have been found as i said all over the globe and some date back as far as three thousand years. Wow one of the more intriguing. Fines was made by a guy named julio tello in the late nineteen twenty s. He discovered hundreds of cone shaped skulls in paralysis in the perrakis region. Peru and left perot and in the past decade pretty intriguing discoveries have been made involving the piroska skulls in all he found more than three hundred of them and they raise more questions than they provide answers in two thousand fourteen geneticist carried out some preliminary dna testing on these skulls. And this is the stuff that i really gets my juices going. What the test reportedly showed was that the mitochondrial dna included mutations unknown to human primate or animal known so far no even though this was done by a reputable laboratory they themselves suggest that perhaps the samples were contaminated. Okay okay. I'm trying to be fair here.

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