Who Is the Heir Apparent of the MAGA Movement?


Now somebody asked me recently. You're who is the era parent in the maga- movement and obviously you know make sense down juniors heir-apparent then but if you look at the figures in american history i guess has the guys are bobbling up right of the history. Look lincoln look at teddy. Roosevelt look at fdr moved right and then and then you know in some ways lbj. Kennedy's stuff to say so short that lbj and reagan. There's never been really a a logical error parent if you look at all of them. There was nobody who grabbed the mantle. And that's fascinating. I'm next yeah. Each one of them was their own man very much represented their own think right and then what came after. Somebody's was was a redux to the future to the past otherwise was it was into the future but it was not. Oh i am now linking number two or teddy roosevelt number two or regular h.w. Bush one that idiot election off thousand percents Off the back of ronald reagan. Bush was not yet if it is jack kemp who who was up against h. w. for the mary she was the more logical heir-apparent totally toronto. Let's be honest. As far as i'm concerned he was a bureaucrat. There's no there's no. There's no senior bush brand you don't think bush's is not right and remember. That was a bitter primary and eighty between the tool very famous. Paid for this. Mike a so. That's very real so again. I think as we look at this time and we we are so lucky that president trump continues to be the leader of the republican party movement. In this country it is. We need to be appreciative of having this larger-than-life leader in our historic moment

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