Tightening Up On Final Tables

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I wanna talk just about this notion of tightening up on final tables and should we tighten up. When should we tighten up our final tables the right place to tighten up and sort of. What are kim. What do you think of when when people ask this kind of question. What are the factors. We should be thinking about well. I think it were a short stack or medium stack more before the bubble. We should be tightening up. So we can make it through the bubble I think after the bubble of were skirt stack. We don't need to tighten up anymore. We can play our range appropriately. And then if we're sort of a middle stock. I think you know in general when i see 'em factors involved i think we generally tighten up a little bit so i think that's you know that that medium stack is kind of the hardest stack to play in a way because the big stacks. They're not really at risk of going out the small stacks. They're probably going out soon anyway. So they don't have as much to lose. Is that medium stack where you've got enough to lose you. Don't wanna get out but you don't wanna have so many chips that you can start pushing people around it is. It is kind of a delicate spot and keith says here Most people tighten up on final tables with medium. Stacks hoping to ladder up but in the monkey system. We released the cracking. He says there are a couple of exceptions where we keep the crack in his cage and One is where we have a medium stack in numerous tax or so short they could go at any time and then he does the real key when we talk about medium stacks and short stocks. Like we're kind of talking about is it's the psalm. Ski ratio again. We talked about this a bit last week. you know. there's a great disparity in the different stacks than it. It's one situation but if if there's a lot of people with short stack then. I think you really have to tighten up even more in that kind of a circumstance. I think it depends a little bit on the page ups. If they're really flat in the beginning that. I don't think it's as important like it. So it depends on we're talking about two dollar pay jumps or talking about two thousand dollar pay jumps or twenty thousand dollar pay jumps like i think it depends. It depends because it affects the decision making of the people in the hand right like because people will play differently on a two dollar. Pay jump than they will on a two thousand absolutely

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