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People population population. Braga word on that this. Show back to the show thank you. It's good to be back here i i. I've missed you guys. And i miss. I've missed your your hijinks saito. I you've had a kid. Become dumber as i feel you become dumber da stash with a little kid like all the things you used to be able to know how to do suddenly. You're like wait. I i i can't I don't know how to manage the tail. Something at the post office. yeah Definitely have done the Put her back in a onesie would no diaper. Why are you so sweaty covered in europe. How that happened. Nothing caught it safe. You can put it on your rosal this so your brain becomes mush and it was already compare that how like when you would get super drunk. Sure soak up similar similar to that. You've destroyed so many brain cells that the next day you like you get to the airport and you don't have your wallet. What wallet sunglasses or it's something like you always you have because you have so much stuff to bring with you. When have a kid. He's shit you will. You will the one thing you need like a car key or something you've left. It realized where it is. No clue this. It's like memento you've got to look through your things tattoos on your arm. Your kid is in the car and so you can't go back into the house without the kid you're like someone's gonna steal this kid and also too hot and then you're like all right so now we gotta take the kid. Is i shudder. Pause unpack all this to get that. Put that back in around exactly starts and that's just like seven in the morning. You trying to go out and do your day. I mean even just now with this new level of of just i love the collective delicious anxiety were privy to. Now it's better anxiety ever know live it's administration was enough and now there's covert and it's just i love how just keeps coming back better and better like john wicks sequel again. You found a new manifestation. I like going to the dry cleaners with. Might we might kid and you you. You look inside. And you're like they're all anti vaccine there is. They had their those people that are dislike. Nah but you know what i think. You're coughing my. I'm not gonna look at the news. What i think is happening. I found this youtube link in my gut and so they grudgingly put a mask on when you go in and of course. My kid has no masks. I'm just like well. She's breathing it in right now. She's like in addition to the cleaning. Because i didn't leave her in the car. Because i didn't leave her in a hot car. She would have survived. And pete yourself. Because i didn't put a diaper honor ever back to the beginning right. Well the world's gotten dumber Bronner's guy not only. Let's let's jump into a story. Sharing ready by. Jared miller at j. rhadamanthus jared miller. I know if jared's everson before randomness you go. Radimov reminds me of the name of a wrestler in an old cheap seats episode. Radha maya's but people patriotic Remind them of a new cheap seats episode readiness makes me think of a gladiator. Who didn't do that well. It's okay what was this record. He was two and four. He was like that guy. Would wrestle like brutus the barber when you're a kid and you're like i'll never see this guy again. He's a gladiator j. I love you to death but year loss record can only ever be one more generous emperor man belying off go one more. I'll give the thumbs down which that's the big thumbs down was going. Kill him. You what you're saying Wrong is that. If a guy's like battling jimmy superfly snuka out of the red corner. Ron stone gonna live grows young stanley dog. Stanley got no coat unjust vetoes. So he's got all these guys like a little thicker on the middle character knows

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