Biden Warns Another Militant Attack in Afghanistan Is Highly Likely

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Biden says the risk of another attack on us troops at the kabul airport remains extremely high. The military continues evacuation of americans at risk afghans until the final troops depart. Here's npr's greg. Murray president biden said in a statement. Saturday that quote. Our commanders informed me that an attack is highly likely in the next twenty four to thirty six hours. He also said the. Us would continue to target isis k the group behind the suicide bombing at the airport a us drone strike killed two members of the group and wounded a third at the pentagon spokesman. John kirby said the military was pressing ahead with evacuation flights. Nothing has changed about the time line for us and we will do this as safe in an orderly way as possible and that includes being able to continue to evacuate right up until the end the. Us mission is scheduled to in tuesday greg mary. Npr news washington. A pentagon said this weekend more than one hundred seventeen thousand people including fifty four hundred. Americans have been blown out of afghanistan so

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