A highlight from Episode 1248 - Lindsey Buckingham


Hey folks here's a quick tour update or the few dates. I'm doing comedy works in denver. Colorado august fifth sixth and seventh five shows. I believe there sold out but you should know. Stand-up live in phoenix. Arizona august twelfth and thirteenth wiseguys in salt lake city utah august nineteenth twentieth and twenty first five shows helium in saint louis missouri september sixteenth and eighteenth five shows the comedy attic in bloomington. Indiana september thirtieth. October first and october. Second five shows i will be adding more dynasty typewriter dates and maybe some surprise secret shows in the pacific northwest. I'll keep you in the loop. Now let's do the show all right. Let's do this how are you. What the puckers what the fuck buddies what the fuck knicks. What's happening. I'm mark moran. This is my show my podcast. Wt app welcome to it. If you're new here. Is anyone

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