Jim Cramer & Rob Maurer Discuss Tesla's Q2 Earnings Results


Famer here for special issue. The street live and talking all things. Tesla we've got tested daily host and tesla investor. Rodney our rob butcher skit. Right to it The earnings completely. Well it just say they obliterated yes the but the same time i have to ask you elect guy. Did on squawk on the street is somehow the magic lost. Because this wasn't good quarter. I mean i've got the same question for you jim. I'm sitting here. And i'm seeing the stock down to three tenths of a percents and i'm wondering the same thing. Tesla beat revenue by four percent. They beat earnings by more than fifty percents and the stock is down. So you know. I'm a little bit surprised honestly. Because i think tesla did crush it. Maybe some of the comments on the earnings call weren't what investors were looking for but Yeah i'm definitely super happy with the results personally. I think that when i saw the numbers they were terrific on the call I described the the com school as pedestrian knitting described manufacturing processes and he described guide the same thing that ford gm say which is supply chain issues semiconductor problems. Is it possible when he says that synagogue shortages this quite serious that it's actually maybe for the first time i'm hearing under promise. So maybe overdeliver if he gets those semiconductors i definitely think that's part of it. I also think you just want people to appreciate the challenges that the industry and tesla's dealing with right now And in light of those challenges just setting the results against those they're even more impressive I think probably to some extent. That's what he wants trying to get across. Obviously he you know doesn't necessarily word it in those terms He's not really about the short-term stock price but I think that's what he's getting at is just how difficult things have been and yet. How successful tesla's ben In that sort of backdrop

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