How to Bet on the Houston Texans in Light of the Deshaun Watson Lawsuit

Even Money


What are we doing with the shawn watson. That's what i want to know whether it's used in or these other teams that might get them or the nfl saying well. There's nothing against them now. But there could be i mean how are the markets handling this right now. What are we doing about if anything. I think the only thing you can do. I would do this. If he's playing or not that the houston texans under. I think there are about four and a half. Even if it was at four i would bet the under i think this is a organization that is in deep deep chaos and disrepair. I think that he does not have any legitimate talent around him. I think they brought in a coach. You is almost by default getting the job And that's if he plays all sixteen games or seventeen games now If something happens over the next four to eight weeks and there is an investigation that reveals. There is some of punishment that's warranted. It's possible he misses two games. Four game six games. And then you're playing with with you know almost an empty backfield so to me. It's an underplay on the texans i. I know there's talk about him being traded. I just don't see that happening this year. That's not really an advantage. Any team has in terms of getting rid of assets for a quarterback who's legal jeopardy is still undefined. And you've got to really know what you're getting into. And what kind of value. You're getting in terms of the complete ability to have him on the field before you're going to give up the assets that you really need to give up even if he's a little bit tarnished right now to get a player who arguably is a top five quarterback in the nfl and in the prime of his

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