A highlight from Ep 510 | Attention, Woke Companies: 'Get Woke, Go Broke'


All ails dot org You go to the actual website like a deal the power of ice cream. Yeah there's articles out there. If you google it or duck duck. Go at whatever us day actually talk about. Ice cream helps calm the symptoms of alzheimer's and dementia very interesting. I'm just wondering. Why are you on a thursday evening searching for what budget. Joe biden uses for ice cream. It just out there. I was getting coffee out there in the commons area. You know just hoping glenn beck might pass me by it. Say hi i revel in those moments did he know i could see. He's in a glass chamber of their. He is hyperbaric. Staying young rich people do and our researcher robbie no came by and he. We were talking about different t-shirt ideas for our line at chad on blaze dot com. And he said that elijah schaefer. Yes you are here. He and sydney watson's new show. Who which by the way is killing. It live which unfortunately is live at the same time. We're on bastards. no wonder anyway. Yeah but that's a different demographic a whole different group but anyway. Elijah made the comment that also ice cream cures alzheimer's and they rob said i'm gonna put that on a t shirt and i was like he with a with a qr code that you could scan and it would take you to the website like put the qr code right on the shirt lou also just in case someone says other fake news right talks about it. Why didn't you come up with that. Mr perot clothing line. Well watch chad dot com for all the fun stuff is not that sure. Not that sure. I might steal it now. Put it on there now. We'll see you want to see my shirts. The reason i do what i do. I like to start conversations sometimes debates and my mother always said he's part of my mother always said i should have been on trial lawyer because growing up. I just like to argue and debate right. I like to have conversations with people. I like to trigger things and so that'd be a good conversation starter. I'm going to start a conversation before we get into the next segment. We got stuff about. But i'm gonna i'm gonna remember. I alluded last night to my new theory. Oh yeah. I have a new theory. I'm gonna bring it up in the next segment. When i have a minute to just kind of flesh it out and talk about it but Come tomorrow night. I'm going to be in fredericksburg. Texas going to be there and people keep asking me. And i keep forgetting the name of the place. Beautiful venue at at that time. Fredericksburg is going to be enchanted. Rock ranch did rock ranch now. Does that sound magical. it does. then it's here in texas to fredericksburg. Yeah down the wine country innocent intimate only one hundred tickets. Only one hundred people total there. There's a few tickets left going to be very intimate gathering. We're going to have fun have fun. And then we're gonna have an incur. Ville saturday night going to be there with representative chip roy going to be there with texas house. Rip cal peterman and love. Kyle a going to be there. I'm the keynote speaker. we're also gonna bring ragamuffins and we're going to do the sang and little entertainment down there. It's gonna be fun. Somebody asked me the other day. Avas show coming up. In waco texas waco texas and people said is that gonna be honored as politics so we need some laughs going to be. It's going to be some laughs all right political laughs. And then i've got a show coming up What's another big lubbock. Texas at the new buddy holly theater on november fifth of the night before that the day before that november fourth going to be in lubbock gonna announce where that's going to be. I can't remember the name of it. It is a gun range that has classroom and we're going to rally. They're in their auditorium. Gonna be fun Anyway stuff coming up not so long ago.

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