'Witch Hunt' Author Gregg Jarrett on Donald Trump's Supposed Collusion With Russia


Did say that there is ample evidence entity there is of collusion of people in the trump campaign with the russians. Loads of evidence everywhere from a man with top secret clearances. You've written two books. The russia hoax in the witch hunt. Whatever did you find of any kind of collusion on either side greg. Well zero collusion. On the part of donald trump with the kremlin would i did see was collusion among various characters in our government the author of the dossier and the hillary clinton campaign and our acolytes to frame donald trump for crimes. They made up that he never committed. Adam schiff is you just played it truly one of the most notorious liars and biggest fools in washington and among that crowd. That's saying a lot but he's head and shoulders above everybody else. I take direct. Aim at him in this little thing called witch hunt story the greatest mass delusion in american political history and he was one of the big proponents of the russia hoax. He drove in many ways. The witch hunt by lying to the american people saying he had solid evidence that trump had conspired with russians. When in fact he well knew he had no such

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