Re-using Your Entrepreneurial Skills to Build Amazing New Businesses with Doug Goldstein


One thing that i admire about you as a you do a great job. Leveraging virtual team members to create not old but new income streams so for fire nation. Share some examples of how you've done this most recently. I was thinking about this concept of gratitude. And in fact john i will tell you again. You inspired me. Yes you've been a journal or for many many years you manage spoken about and you got people going. I like a certain. Take on it. That i thought was different. Which was i thought that the concept of constant happiness was something that people should be talking about. My concern was people would write in their journal once a week twice a week when tonight and i wanted i believe that by by writing in a journal about your your the things. You're grateful for that's how you're going to develop happiness so this was my idea and i decided you know i wanna share this with people and i experimented frank bay experiment that i myself a lot and then i said i'm going to make this happen. What resources do i have so having now been an entrepreneur for thirty years. My day job is that i'm an investment advisor but i've done a lot of a lot of other entrepreneurial things let's say frequently around books but but the book is just the platform that i can launch an idea so i said i'm gonna write the constant happiness gratitude journal. But who do. I have to help me and i have a whole list of people. I've got my video guy who was able to make fantastic videos about it. I have all my five or and upward people and of course using and finding new ones. There was fantastic. You know attacked john. When i wanted to do the internal layout for the book i said i'm just gonna hire to interior layout companies and see which one i like best. Ooh just the idea that. I was able to to have people around me. Who would be able to help me do everything that i shouldn't be doing. That's an eye opener. And i mean you've spoken to many entrepreneurs and you know it's so hard for them to give away the work because they think only i can really do the layout because i understand the cover design or the writing the editing and that's just not true every the best entrepreneurs focus on one thing that they do

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