Rusty Wallace on the New NASCAR Ownership Wave

The Final Lap


Nascar legend. Rusty wallace is on and rusty. Talk about the new ownership heading into nascar. You've got michael jordan and pit bull colleague racing gase exiting all that stuff that you have some big star like michael jordan. You got guys like this. Those two that you mentioned. The i don't know what the impact then yet. But it's gotta be a positive way our thank you know and these guys are really acting like they love the sport. It's not they just wanna come in and try it half the fun what. They're putting a lot of skin in the game. I'm michael jordan. He's decided to go to car team outer drive. The other car detects a lot of money and a lot of sponsorship to do that and then you got pit bull who him and his ownership guys decided just completely by in half you which was a huge. I so introverted along all

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