What is Self-Determination With Richard Ryan


Conceptualization of self-determination. What is it you know before we get to the nuts and bolts of the needs in and the nuances of the theory quizzes. Talk about self determination for. Because i think that's an interesting in of itself of what does that mean among humans. What are we determining. Didn't some other terms like self-regulation self-determination is when you know what you're doing is something that you feel you're regulating and in other words that you're also a behavior that you stand behind or self endorse this is why it aligns with phenomenal logical view of self determination because when you act with self-determination. You're acting roy where you're willing to do it. And you do it volition lee and therefore you can be wholeheartedly engaged in what. You're up to in in kind of that. That briefest form self-determination is true volition true volition so there's a lot of things that can arise that can pull me away from a or even for me into thinking. I'm volition when i when i really don't. I'm fascinated with the phenomenon of colts. You know and i'm fascinated with the phenomenon of mind control So i guess you can have external coercion and you can have. You can have internal coercion. You know people with. Ocd people with lots of things a lot of competing you know. Psychopathology and things. That are their inner Taking them away from your higher self. So so i think that. And you're right you're right scott. Which is that. It's not parallel to the distinction between internal and external because you can have had her automous forces that are with it. you can have your own interjection. Have your own internalized. Stigma pressures biopsies that. Actually take you away from self determination. Tommy so the threats to autonomy are not just extra inter.

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