What Is the Value of a College Degree?

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Hi brian. Thanks for coming on the newsworthy fisher. I appreciate it. So i let me just ask. What's your take on the value of a college degree in today's world. Shoot we wanna value in having that college degree but when it comes to employment and job opportunities in some ways it's becoming less valuable because of how competitive the labor market is become as you look up and down the labor market from not just hourly employees retail employees but salaried up and down the continuum what companies are finding is that there's not enough people for all of the jobs that they want to hire for so one. They're relaxing a lot of the historical constraints that they've had on the jobs that they're hiring for and that includes things like previous experience educational certifications and different degrees. That people have had so a lot of companies in particular across the last two or three years have been relaxing many of those constraints. The other thing that's going on is that for people that might have some of those degrees or experiences or whatever it may be. They're also able to ask for more money in the labor market so the other reason why companies are expanding their horizon of who to hire. Is that for people without college degrees. They're able to find that job and they're willing to extend an offer them. But perhaps at a slightly lower compensation level than people who do have a college degree

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