Covid Cases on the Rise in Washington State


Cases are on a steep rise in our state health officials say that built a variant is driving a dramatic surge pushing hospital capacity. To the edge, almost having Natasha saying the state is now saying, like seeing that, as daily case counts in the 3000 range hasn't been like that, since the winter surge, actually talked to doctors, Elizabeth meet and Ali Meqdad. The hardest hit are unvaccinated people making up 96% of Covid 19 cases across the state. The really frustrating thing I think for people on health care is that we actually we're getting to a point where we had numbers under pretty good control. The State Health Department says even though we have more vaccines than ever, we also have the more contagious and predominant Delta variant wreaking havoc. That's right. It's very transmissible. And so when we have any significant chunk of the population that's not get vaccinated. Those are the people who really, really get sick with Delta right now, the Covid 19 transmission number in western Washington. Is the highest it's ever been since the beginning of the pandemic. Young people are impacted in the last four weeks, more than a third of all cases in the state were from people aged 20 to 34. This is a serious virus has always been serious, and now it's more dangerous. Please run and get your vaccine and please keep wearing a mask. Tammy

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