A highlight from Jazz idioms, classical structures. Symphonic works by Nikolai Kapustin (19372020).


Hello and welcome back to naxos classical spotlight and music by nikolai ca. Poston who's vibrant jazz influenced. music is starting to get. The wider audience deserves in no small part. Thanks to people. Like frank dupree the solo pianist on this album. The music at the beginning of the podcast was from capucines piano concerto number four full of repulsive energy. Here's a bit more nikolic. Poston was born in one thousand nine hundred thirty seven in eastern ukraine then part of the ukrainian soviet socialist republic. It was a place that would soon be engulfed in some of the most horrific battles of world war two as a young child can poston was evacuated to the caregivers city of tokamak. He started to study piano and he was young and eventually ended up at the moscow conservatory and from that point on he lived in moscow even before he completed his studies. He was already working as a jazz pianist. Arranger and composer. Here's a bit more of his piano concerto number four.

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