Taliban Topples Major Afghan Cities in Swift Advance


Thousands of us troops are on their way to afghanistan to help evacuate american and afghan civilians facing potential threats to their security. That mission comes as the taliban accelerates now their advance on the capital city of kabul taking four more cities while meeting very little resistance from afghan forces. Nbc news correspondent. Kelly kobe's on the ground in afghanistan again tonight tonight. The taliban is firmly in control of afghanistan's second largest city canada heart the militants consolidating their territory in the south the north and the west where they seize the historic city of herod's and it's famed military commander mohammad ismael khan in this taliban propaganda video videocon fought the taliban in two thousand one says he hopes the militants will bring peace security and stability the fast taliban takeover has shocked the world. The militant group took its first provincial capital. One week ago today now their territory looks like this closing in on kabul the pentagon now scrambling to send three thousand troops to the kabul airport most arriving by the end of this weekend a temporary mission to get embassy staff out safely the deteriorating conditions are a factor a big factor in why the president has approved this mission as the us embassies ordering staff to destroy sensitive documents and computers according to a memo obtained by npr nbc. News is confirmed. That half of afghanistan's thirty four provincial capitals are controlled by the taliban tonight and there are reports of heavy fighting on kabul's doorstep brian in logar province just fifty miles away.

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