A highlight from Why it's harder for American workers to get ahead, and what we can do about it


And all the colleagues and guests have contributed to it over the last eight years. And i'm also grateful to you the listeners for continuing to tune into these discussions of important timely and often complex policy challenges facing our nation and world. Thank you on today's episode. I'm joined by marcella escobar. A senior fellow and global economy and development. Brookings talk about her new report and how to tackle the worker mobility crisis in the us economy in the face of rising inequality stagnating wages a shrinking middle class and now a global pandemic. many american workers are finding it difficult to get ahead and today. Millions of low wage workers like job security and benefits and face the threat of dislocation due to factors like automation in the report. Moving up promoting workers upward mobility using network analysis. Escobar and co-authors ian say all and carlos contreras offer a new approach to understanding and addressing the crisis worker mobility also on this four hundred episode in a new sustainable development spotlight senior fellow. George ingram shares his insights on. Why we need better data quality reporting to track donor funding. That advances gender equality. Too often ingram says women and girls are left out of the development process leading to societies and less productive economies. You can follow. The brookings podcast. Podcast work on twitter at policy podcasts. Get information about and links to our shows including dollars and sense the

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