Fatal Shooting of Chicago Officer Widens Breach Between Mayor Lightfoot and Police


Take some calls on this subject of mayor lori lightfoot and crime in chicago in the wake of devastating police shooting this past weekend. Let's go to line three mike who's in chicago illinois. Hello mike hi. Thanks for taking my talk call. You're doing a great job. Say i'm not surprised at the mayor because she's been showing her true colors for years. She's always hated police. She hates christians west year. She sent the police. It's traffic aides to write tickets around churches that remained open and refused to close down private independent churches. She wouldn't let anyone go to comiskey park wingfield baseball games but she was in the paper sky box with her family. She could do things no one else can do. And they're the same. And i don't know if you know this but a week before. This police officer was tragically killed. It was on the internet but the local news for refuse to pick up. The police officers were attacked and beaten and they are afraid to pull their weapons out absolutely. I'm glad that you brought up that example mike because there was a similar incident just a few days ago in boston in front of the boston public library where police three police officers were brutally beaten by someone who they were wanting to arrest in who is of course resisting arrest. You are right. Mayor lightfoot does not care about police. Where is her outrage about this again. Just last thing that i played a video of her responding and she was just saying. Oh it's a very emotional time. Where is her outraged. She doesn't sound devastated or angry. Because she doesn't care

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