Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Is a True Leader


I saw somewhere last night online. That charlie crist a opportunistic textbook empty suit of a politician. If there ever was one he is now a head of ron disentis. One of the finest governors in the country. Charlie crist is supposedly slightly ahead of rondo. Santa's in a hypothetical matchup for governor in florida. You're not gonna hear charlie. Chris say things like this. Here's run to santa's taking on the lawless by demonstration ministration and the befuddled Out to lunch joe biden. You want to hear what a leader sounds like. This is what a leader sounds like. Why don't you do your job. Why don't you get this order secure and until you do that. I don't wanna hear a blip about cova from you thank you of course under attack. The left hates this guy and you know why they hate him. You know other media hates him. 'cause he's gonna be a force to be reckoned with in the years ahead rhonda santa's with some clarity on the masks for kids rhonda santa's shane parents get to decide. If you wanna mask your kid up when you send them off to school knock yourself out. You're not gonna let anthony fao. She tell you what to do. More of rhonda's sanchez yesterday in florida. We think it's really important that parents make decisions about whether kids go to school with mass or not so. If certain parents feel that they want their kids doing that. We're not gonna prevent that. We have a lot of parents including me. Who doesn't think that's healthy for our kids to be wearing masks all day and i know people joe biden think the government should force kindergarteners to sit there under these mass for for six seven eight hours a day. I could just tell you. Laura in florida last year in our school districts we had some that had mass requirements others. They didn't the ones that didn't those counties had lower per capita cases than the ones that did and so it's not proven to really impact viral transmission in schools. And so that's why. I think it should be the parents decision. And it shouldn't be mandated by the government.

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