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Tame here with christina. Myriad of emanate strategic operations atlassian. They were gonna talk about tools and practices. You can fight evolve. Your integration function and produce better outcomes. Quick back story about two years ago. At this time i came to you. Christina about using agile techniques and you bluntly told me i tried another playbook but make it an her framework and a year ago. The agile a book was published today. It's a growing community effort to create and share techniques. And today we're gonna talk about change your strategy in twenty twenty one are you didn't christina even back. Hey my pleasure. Once a year. I get interviews. So this is it for anybody watching. Yeah that's done for deals since the last vote class june. So we've been busy. Yeah i'd love to hear it's it's been a while since the last saw you and it sounds like you've been busy always have been going completely virtual. What's that like lasted announced last year in the summertime that we are editing to be remote. I company in that means that everyone has the option whether or not a box office when the offices reopened in atlassian changed where we work but now how we work because we were ready a highly distributed company. Our headquarters are official headquarters is sydney australia. Where our co-founders are. We have a large presence in san francisco and york austin another lens india many inc over thirteen countries. Now we're in. So luckily our products that we sell and we used actively in the company really help us and enabled us to collaborate and work together already in a ritual setting so it hasn't been as big of a mindset shift. Frost says it is not going to the office being more social with each other. I do the biggest impact of this change though to being remote i to our acquisitions has been. We've not been asking people to relocate in the same way that we had been before going. Virtual teams were smaller. Art have been acquisition. We would ask them to relocate either closer to in office where atlassian as a larger And so now. We're focused on trying to make it work across the globe and we're focused less on being in an office versus being just in time zone where you can work well and collaborate well with other teams as long as you have you hours of overlapping time together in. That doesn't always line up perfectly at. There's a lot of times that we have people working from australia to virginia. For example firms recent in virtually no time zone. Overlap there. and so we're really piloting. How can leverage teams in between like san francisco to be the conduit between the east coast sydney to work a incredulously doubling down on how we use our own tools and technology to help asks information along keep everyone warned and aligned really helping to make sure that we got well ornate work together you can have recent acquisitions congratulations on your recent acquisition of cardio. Can we walk through this deal. And how things have evolved since deals. You've did a year or two ago due diligence effectively for example. Yeah we're pretty lucky and excited to have already on join us. Just a quick background on them. Bay are cloud analytics tool isn't intelligence focused in. They had their headquarters in san francisco with a large presence in a blacksburg virginia. So imagine trying to work with team and stretch across san francisco in sydney may diligence really challenging. We had people working really odd hours and trying to share information literally across the globe. We completed the yield end of fab. And by that time it was our forced deal that we had done as a company fully remote fully remote from diligence all the way to execution it being like a fourth one that we had done. We had a lot of practice. Doing diligence effectively improving with each time. We manage our entire diligence process using reiki tools. Now i is confluence. Get plug atlassian products. Confluence is what we use for those of you. It's internal corporate e it's the place where all of our documentation lives. We even use it. Some of you may use. Google docs or docs weren't supplies for people just capture ideas or thoughts doesn't even have to be something in a wiki reference format but we've really used that a lot for every asset of the diligence process so creating our over the wallis the people that aren't disclosed in the deal. We use it for a deal team to write business case once this acquisition about redoing me. Use it to manage our diligence schedule. Our agenda our diligence questions are analysis in all of our right up. Everything in long form goes in consequence and every functional team in our conference. Space has their own subsections. Were can map out illegitimate plans a more importantly to share it with each other. So if someone goes into diligence session on monday. The team going in on tuesday can read with. The first team did or questions our findings and that helps them get a little smarter going into their sessions. Maybe finding things that a in double click into an also helped to not repeat certain questions or topics that they covered the other thing. We use jira or as our flagship product. Jira charter was the first deal that we used jira to manage the diligence process. And for those of you. That may or may not be familiar with jira. It is typically known and used by our customers in a software development context or by technical teams engineers arctic managers typically working on development projects to manage their work and we're really wishing the oslo of how were using it in a business context setting so no matter what tool using your company to drive work. The concept is that were planning the work planning the milestones capturing all the decisions that need to be made the issues that we're finding in an actual central system that everyone can use an understand all the pieces fit together and that makes it highly collaborative in the way that seems chen plan together and then also all of the output from

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