Blinken Readies for Contentious Afghan Hearings in Congress


Can thrive together. Learn more about how you can get involved at nature dot org slash. Npr lawmakers will question secretary of state antony blinken about the us withdrawal from afghanistan. This week hill appear before the house foreign affairs committee today and then tomorrow before the senate foreign relations committee representative chrissy houlahan is with us. Nashes democrat from pennsylvania and a veteran of the us air force. She's one of the people who will be questioning blinken today. Good morning representative houlahan. Things are being here. good morning. thanks for having me. You've been very critical of the biden. Administration's decision to withdraw from afghanistan. What do you want to ask secretary blinken. So there's quite a few questions that i'm hoping that we'll be hearing In our questioning today and importantly this is a part of you know congress's responsibility as oversight some first of all grateful. That secretary blinken is coming in hopeful. That will be able to get to the bottom of the many questions that we have in a civil indecent manner rather than in kind of a mudslinging manner which is unfortunately what. I anticipate some of the questions that i'm really interested in is The decision to close ballgame. I'm interested in understanding that a little bit better. I'm also looking to understand what we've left behind in terms of equipment. What our timeline. Logic was those are some of the questions that i know that i'm interested in and i'm sure my

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