Taliban, Biden Obama And Bergdahl discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


That Biden Obama exchange for Bowe, Bergdahl, now in senior Taliban posed Talibans, interior minister on the FBI's most wanted list, believed to be holding American hostages. Head of the group known as the Haqqani Network, is wanted by the FBI has been named in the Taliban's interim interior minister. Not a parody. The US expresses concern that the Taliban has the Taliban's new government is an inclusive enough. Isn't it? What we're talking about inclusive. Women are going to be subjugated. And forced to have sex with Taliban fighters, just like the last time they had power. Young girls are going to be forced into marriages with Taliban fighters. We We know that women and young girls are not allowed to go to school or work under Taliban rule. And now we have this. The U. S State Department expressing concern about this. We still have Americans trapped behind enemy lines. And frankly, you're the ones that abandon our Afghan allies that and and the women and also involved that will now be subjugated to the to the whims of the Taliban. That have zero respect for women. And we noted the list of names consist exclusively of individuals who are members of the Taliban of their close associates and no women. This is where their mind is that Is where their heads are at. Afghan women to be banned from playing any sports the Taliban announced. Oh, there's such an open society over there. White House says no rush to recognize the new government. They will, though. Firstly, going to extort a fortune out of us, we the taxpayers because that's called ransom, where I grew up, and they'll pay it because that's not going to have any choice. And you have Biden, you know? It's just so sad and so preventable. There's no way to vet as Tom Cotton said. All these Afghans seeking resettlement and they're allowed to go free even though we have invented them, Congressman Mike Waltz saying. We have a hostage situation in Afghanistan and Tony Blinken is saying that the Taliban are now RTs, saying customs agents Uh, we've lost our collective minds here.

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