US Drone Strike Kills ISIS-K Planner One Day After Kabul Airport Attack


Pentagon tonight revealed a drone strike has been carried out against the suspected isis k. Planner our pentagon correspondent courtney. Kuby has been following the latest developments. She joins us on the phone right. Now courtney thank you so much. What do we know about how this attack was carried out. So this was a stroke. A strike from a us drone a reaper. It was carried out in nangarhar province which is eastern afghanistan. it's it's east of kabul and along the border with pakistan and it occurred as an individual who is believed according to the us us defense officials believed to have been involved in planning for future attacks. He was driving in a vehicle with an associated an associate they were in an isolated area. According to the official. I spoke with and The strike was carried out in a manner of it was intended to minimize any civilian casualties. Because they weren't an isolated area the department offense and us central command. Do not believe there were any civilian casualties tracking any so again. It's important to point out. this was a strike against isis chorus. On this was the first counter-terror strike that the us has taken that. We know about in afghanistan in some time the last one eight acknowledged was actually in february twenty twenty This strike clearly fiat indirect retaliation for the attack on kabul airport. Yesterday

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