Apple, US Developers Agree to App Store Updates

Mac OS Ken


News today. A kinder gentler app store late in the day on thursday apple issued a press release announcing changes that it hopes will subtle a class action lawsuit brought by smaller developers in the us according to the release the agreement clarifies developers can share purchase options with users outside of their ios app expense. The price points developers can offer for subscriptions in that purchases and paid apps and establishes a new fund to assist qualifying. Us developers going a bit more in depth points numerate it include keeping the current revenue split a fifteen percent to apple eighty five percent to developers making under a million dollars a year. The split stays thirty seventy for developers making over that amount with those terms set for the next three years. Search in the app store will continue to be based on objective characteristics like downloads star ratings text relevance and user behaviour signals that's at the request of developers according to apple and that is also for the next three years to give developers even more flexibility to reach their customers as apple. The company agrees developers can use communications such as email to share information about payment methods outside of their ios app. Customers have to agree to be reached by developers and must be able to opt out of such communication afterwards if customers go for a payment process outside of the app store apple takes no commission apple will also expand the number of price points available to developers force subscriptions in that purchases and paid apps while developers will continue to set their own prices. Apple will maintain the option for developers to appeal the rejection of an app based on perceived unfair treatment though it will add content. The app review website to help developers understand how the appeals process works.

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