Everything You Need to Know About Larry Elder


Larry elder is with us in. Larry i love so much a the aspect of your personal story and i think californians relate to sharing stories about your your father about your brother about your life. Your love of california people appreciate a common sense approach to what has been a distorted twisted version of the american dream by gavin. Newsom and larry. I must say i'm really encourage. The governor newsome is attacking you the way it is because for a while though he is because for a while he ignored you on. Evidently he must think that You do have the momentum that many of us are praying that you have Mike you're being charitable. This man is scared to death. He just gave up to interviews one with the editorial board of the la times and one with the editor boards of a bunch of other newspapers slamming. The table cursing angry. He went on with went to full captain clear on the scene from the cain revoke i was on the witness stand and kind of broke down had a mental breakdown yet. He mentioning my name for the first time. Because i'm the one he's afraid of. And i'm the one who can talk to black and brown people. Because i'm from the hood you pointed out. My dad came in nineteen forty sevens. You bought a house at now is worth six hundred thousand dollars. Because of the outrageous cost of living in california. The average price of a home is now eight hundred thousand dollars. A one hundred percent more than the eric price at home in america largely because of these environmental extremists that have taken over sacramento and run the state in the last twenty or thirty years gavin. Newsom as afraid. I'm going to be able to explain this way. So then joe jones six back can connect the dots between the outrageous cost of a home in california and left wing policies and sacramento and the rising crime and letting policies in sacramento this attack on the police this false assertions the police are engaging in systemic races. I mean we'll talk about the importance of choice in public education. So the money. Follow the child and the other way around lack round. Parents want school choice. They both the democratic party year after year the year. who's number one contributor teacher's union and they're adamantly opposed school choice. I can break the stranglehold over the democratic party. They have on minorities. Eighty percent of the kids in california are black and brown who have or getting a sub-standard education and they're scared. I'm going to be able to make that case. In ways that the average california can understand

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