A highlight from 10 Trivia Questions from 4th Grade

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What it'd be and welcome to another episode of the trivia with buds podcast. I'm your host ryan buds. Thanks so much for checking out. My show thankfully tunes reviews. You can do that anytime if you want to. Help out the show for free and you listen on itunes or the podcast app disco. Leave a review and tell everybody what you like about the show We had an episode. That went up a day or two ago on fake lists. And i had a wrong answer to a question It said which of these does not touch texas. I believe or which of these does touch texas something like that and colorado was listed as a a wrong answer or his answer. That should accounted. I forget the circumstance but my friends Alexis and schuyler of marcyils north carolina. They wrote to me and said hey. We came across this mistake. We used to live in texas. And we want to let you know so. Thank you so much to alexis. And schuyler i fix that episode and re recorded the error so it should be good for everybody who downloads. If now but if you go through that episode and you'd already subscribed You just have to refresh your feet and you should get the new episode with the new correct information in there and there's probably been dozens of times in thirteen hundred episodes where i've had mistakes and i don't always go back and fix them but just wanted to point that out. If you ever do find one. Feel free to email me. Ryan buds at mail dot com. And i will do my best to fix it if it fits into my schedule for the week. Which did today so thank you to alexis and schuyler again who are basically my neighbors. They live an hour away. I did the map of marcell north carolina. I was like oh. I wonder where that's at. So thank you guys. All right Today's episode is from another listener name symphony lund from valley center. California says thanks for your consideration of using this quiz. I was a schoolteacher for three and a half decades. So i thought i'd give you an idea of what i expected. My fourth and fifth graders to know before they moved on to the next grade. Maybe it could be called. I smarter than a fourth grader. So we're going to dive into those ten questions which will hopefully be on the easier side for you right now. Here we go all right. It is fourth grade knowledge. Are you smarter than a fourth grader. From cynthia cynthia lund here comes question number one spell. The state whose capital is hartford number one spell the state whose capital is hartford. spelling counts. If you're playing along with home number

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