Joe Biden Is America's Greatest National Security Threat


It has been twenty years yesterday. The anniversary of nine eleven which is a moment's a day in history that i think changed all of our lives instead assan. Maybe even a different trajectory in life and it was difficult to look back on twenty years and certainly it made it even more difficult with the way that we were led out of afghanistan over the last month by the biden administration. Our first question is for mark levin and sad. We'd like you dr. Sebastian gorka to be our one responder mark. What is our greatest national security threat today. joe biden. i'm not cleaning. I am not kidding. The people he is surrounded himself with a disaster. He's got a secretary of defense that helped create the isis caliphate. He's got a sector stay. Who comes out of the ivy league. Schools really doesn't know a damn thing same with his national security adviser so when you look among those people it's absolutely a disaster. The idea that we've american citizens in enemy territory the idea that we would leave afghan patriots. Who fought with us in enemy territory. The idea that twenty years after nine eleven the taliban will be stronger and bigger control the entire country about ghanistan with the backing of al-qaeda and china and russia iran sees this north korea sees is all of our enemies see this we are in dire dire

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