A highlight from Shapiro's One Year Anniversary: Florida VERSUS California


We have been in florida now for a year. And let me just tell you. It was a great move. There certain moves that you make in your life and you consider them for a long time and then you finally do them and it turned out to be the wrong decision. And then there's moving from california to florida. I have taken to florida. Like a new york jew to a retirement home. It is just spectacular. Florida is the best. I understand that there are some people who are very nervous about the weather in florida during the summer. And yeah it's really hot. But that's why you have a pool you know. We don't have a jacuzzi. Can you believe that. He believe we have a jacuzzi. And i know that there are some people who think that florida's just for retirees and it is absolutely not. It's getting much much younger because so many people are moving in. It's also growing more ed. It's a diverse state with a lot of people of different faiths and and different ethnic heritage is and and common themes seems to be that they are here for the freedom. Cova drove a lot of people down her for the right reasons. Meanwhile i went back to california recently and let me just tell you. It ain't great bob. I grew up in la. So i'm elliot boy born and bred. The people in la are just not as nice as the people in florida period. And maybe that's because people in l. a. Are kind of unhappy. Maybe it's because they're just scraping by because it's very stressful to live in l. A. if you want to afford an apartment it's gonna cost you a fortune. If you want to have a job in california. You might be scraping just above living standard. That is not the case in florida. Where people who were renting apartments in l. a. Can buy a house in many parts of florida. That's not even getting to the economics of the tax code okay. Taxes in california are insane. The gas here is like one third less expensive because we don't have a massive gas tax in the state of florida. Living expenses are significantly lower in virtually every major area. The real estate is increasing value. It's still in at la levels and then you get to the actual income tax here and let me just tell you. There's something really nice about having to pay quarterly taxes and not send thirteen percent of my money to the california state government where they proceed to blow it on random crap so just in terms of pure living standard. There is no comparison. How good is ford. Here's how good florida is when you're in la it's figure out what you wanna do with your kids. Every single day in florida is just called the outside. We live in a neighborhood where there is no crime. We live in a neighborhood where there is no serious homeless problem. They're having the kind of childhood that i think. Many of us did experience back in the nineteen eighties and early nineteen nineties but seems to have disappeared in major cities like whilst angeles where my parents came out to. La they're not la natives. My parents came out to la in nineteen seventy nine and they came out there because they wanted to be part of hollywood. They want to be part of the culture. Because the culture gets made in. Hollywood and hollywood has segmented itself off as hollywood has basically either outsourced half of its labor to vancouver or has decided to cut itself off from the broad american public. The draw of l. a. justice not there the glitz and the glamour. They just are not there. They've allowed many of the glitziest places in la to become trash eve's hollywood boulevard has become a disaster area. That was a tourist center. They used to go to grauman's chinese cinema or you would go across the street to the el capitan. Well now that entire place places taken over by the homeless situation a few years ago in which woman was walking down. Hollywood boulevard in a homeless man came import a bucket of feces over her head. This is what l. a. has allowed itself to become even its tourist centers have become degraded so the people are nicer. The economics are easier. Lifestyle is better just. The generalized attitude is really great. La likes to consider itself really tolerant place but the truth is it is not a particularly tomlin replace because l. a. is basically a one party state. If you're of the other political party you could on the down low. You don't go around advertising. Who you voted for if you didn't vote for joe biden if you have a trump bumper sticker on your car. There's a solid shot. The car's getting keyed. That is not the case in florida. You can be a biden fan and live in florida. You can be a trump fan and live in florida and everybody kind of just accept that there are people who live in florida. Who don't live the way that they do or think the way they do. And it's all fine. Which used to just be called america if you believe in raising your children in traditional ways. La is not tolerant of you l. a. looks down its nose at you and you're surrounded by cultural influences. That are just not great if you wanna raise your child this way and remember driving down sunset boulevard and their billboards there. I just don't want my kids seeing. It's something you never occurred to me. When i was growing up there because by the time i remember the stuff i was fifteen sixteen years old and so okay i could handle that sort of stuff but now i've got a seven year old curiously pointing out the window. Amelia wire those people make it so yes. That is an excellent question small child. Why are all those people. Make it in like. That's something that you just won't see at least in the area of florida where i live. There is a generalized feeling in florida. That you can live your life and be left alone at something that doesn't exist in. La

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