Biden Vows Retaliation for Attack That Killed Dozens in Afghanistan


In its attack on Kabul airport will be hunted down and made to pay. Speaking at the White House, Mr Biden paid tribute to the Americans who died and called them heroes. He said they had given their lives to save those trying to flee Kabul. He insisted that the airlift would continue. Despite the bombing. Our Washington correspondent Tamir Iqbal, was listening to Mr Biden's comments. It really was a defiant speech. He called it a tough day. He went on to say that Isis K who have taken responsibility for these explosions at Kabul airport. Will pay, but he didn't really give many details and how that would happen. All he said, was that we had a good idea where those responsible are hiding. And he had instructed his military commanders to make plans to attack them. Not really sure when that will happen, or how that will happen, because, of course, that that sounds like military action in Afghanistan. The very thing that he doesn't want to see happen anymore. More than 90. People were killed and 150 were wounded in the attacks, most of them Afghans waiting for a chance to border plane out of Kabul airport. Sikander Kamani is in the capital. We've heard further blast. It's not entirely clear what they were. But it's really adding to a sense of anxiety here in Kabul. Amid all the uncertainty about what life under the Taliban will look like some Afghans had at least been clinging to the hope that Hats. Life would be more peaceful. At least in the short term. There wouldn't be more suicide bombings there wouldn't be rocket attacks because those were carried out largely by the Taliban. But these blasts really raising concerns. There'll be more bloodshed in the future, too. Dozens of Children abducted from an Islamic school in northern

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