US Panel Backs COVID-19 Boosters Only for Seniors, High-Risk

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September twentieth was supposed to be an important date an approval from the food and drug administration. The cdc's committee of outside experts will be ready to start. These booster's booster program. During the week of september twenty weeks ago. The white house told us that starting september twentieth today americans would likely be able to sign up for a co vaccine. Booster shots visor. Certainly thinks it's vaccine needs a booster. The drug maker itself suggested after six months it's vaccine efficacy could wayne so on friday. Fda advisors met to discuss the idea of boosters but they emerged with a surprise recommendation of their own vote did not have. The majority voted no rather than agreeing with a vaccine maker rather than agreeing with some of the top scientists and the biden administration the fda advisory panel announced. That booster shots should be available soon but only for senior citizens and other select groups some important distinctions. Here let's break it down with. Abc's aimed flaherty who covers federal agencies. And and what is the actual recommendation here like. Who's going to be able to get a booster shot and win right. So i think it's important to remember. The fda actually hasn't decided yet. This is an advisory panel that was looking at the data and they were only looking at data that related to pfizer. So this is the first vaccine that rolled out. It rolled out mostly to nursing homes and health care workers more than nine months ago and what they did was. They looked at a lot of data. That was coming out of israel to determine whether or not people need a booster thaw back. The booster do improved protection by tenfold against confirmed infection and for elderly against superior kobe. Nineteen day said. They don't think boosters for all makes sense they think seniors and people who are at high risk of severe covet those two groups they think should have to go back and get an extra booster and they also said that they support people who are at serious risk because of their job so frontline workers healthcare workers even teachers. They mentioned they think those people might wanna consider getting extra

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