The Stolen Indigenous Children



It's a hot summer day in nineteen ninety emotions are high in boston. Independent nations today. This ojibway community is taking a stand. After decades of losing their children to the child welfare system they have come together to say no more. No more taking children by the busload from their homes. No more broken families. You aren't taking any more of our children get out. Stay out as a social worker. I'm responsible for the welfare of these children. My name is nicky. I can tell you being ripped away from my mother at six years old had nothing to do with my welfare look. I'm just doing my job. It's not your job anymore as chief of the wab soon nation. I'm here to tell you. We have passed a resolution. Banning the children's aid society from entering our community and taking any more of our children. You can't do that we just did. Yeah our children our future give sure give back our future. We did it teddy. You would have been so proud of us after the chaos of the rally. Nikki comforter her daughter at the kitchen table. It is a modest home. The sun streams through the windows colorful drawings of thunderbirds and pencil caller. Portrait's a woman and cad eyeglasses. A young shy smiling. Boy named teddy adorns the walls the pair sit together at the small table sipping tea and eating cookies

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